Our Team

Tom Hackett
Spent four seasons at the University of Utah from 2012-15 and won multiple awards including the Ray Guy Award twice, he was a member of the Pac 12 All Century Team and was a 3 time All Pac 12 1st Team member, Tom also holds multiple school records. Tom is best known for revolutionizing the punting game in college using a "rugby" style scheme.


Nathan Chapman
The founder of ProKick Australia, Nathan has been working with college coaches and providing them with incredible punters since 2007. He is highly respected by everyone in college football and has sent roughly one hundred young Australians to University in the States. Nathan has coached five Ray Guy Award winners and currently has four of his students playing in the NFL. For more information on Nathan and ProKick Australia please visit www.prokickaustralia.com

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For coaches of all levels looking to take their punting unit to the next level. An in depth presentation and video will give you the resources you need to coach one of the most successful punt units in the country, and best of all, it really is not that hard to teach once you know what you are talking about. 
Private Lessons
For punters of all ages looking to better themselves and take their game to the next level. A 90 minute lesson will have you punting with more consistency and power in no time. 

Online Coaching
For punters looking for an instant fix. Send in your film and receive professional instruction that you can start using immediately. Single sessions and packages are available. 

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Player Profile

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Benjamin Niesner:
Ben did not compete or punt in high school at all, instead, he decided he was going to pick it up in 2016 after high school. Ben then proceeded to attend the ProKicker camp where he was awarded the #1 punter in the state of Washington. He reached out to us shortly after for private lessons and since then has been awarded the starting punter role at Portland State University. His hard work and willingness to listen and learn has propelled him into a position he would never had thought was possible just a couple of years ago. I could not be more proud of the time and effort he has put into making his dream a reality.

Tom is hands down the best punter I’ve ever seen and learning from a legend is a big deal. He has helped me reach the highest stages of football and I still look to him for help whenever I need it. I’ve never met a more humble and detailed coach and anyone who has the opportunity to learn from him should soak up all the information he has to offer.
— Ben

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