Australian Punting Instructional Video

Australian Punting Instructional Video


The only instructional Australian drop punt video on the market. If you are wanting to increase your punting ability and add a new element to your game or are a coach looking to have better knowledge on how to coach this technique, then this is the video for you.

Over 70+ college punters and every NFL punter are using this punt every week. Punt returners have a very hard time catching the drop punt, buying this video will take your game to the next level!

You will learn how to hit a drop punt from the pocket, then, once you have mastered the basics you will learn how to hit a rugby punt...the Australian way.

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The Australian drop punt/rugby punt is taking over American Football, every year from 2013-2017 an Australian has won the Ray Guy award. Coaches nowadays want their punter to have the ability to hit different punts whenever the coach may request it.

It is the only video on the market where you will learn this very unique and foreign skill. You will get better, you will put yourself in a position to take your game to the next level and you will have a different weapo to use come game day after watching this video.

This video will take you through the catch, steps, drop and kick for both a drop punt inside the pocket as well as on the move with the rugby punt.